Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Lights Out’s Tricked-Out Tour Van Crashes Craigslist To Promote The First Album Released In 2011

If you’re in the market for a van with air conditioning, cruise control and “interstellar overdrive,” then head over to Craigslist and search for a “Tricked‐out 2000 Dodge Ram ‘///PRIMETIME///’ Van” The Lights Out, a Boston band with a big, hooky, guitar-centric sound, has posted a series of Craigslist ads in major cities across the country featuring their trusty tour van, Tim, as an unconventional way of promoting their latest full-length, Primetime. Those who contact the band will be invited to listen to the title track and share their ideas for the ultimate band van. The Lights Out will produce YouTube videos featuring their responses. Primetime will be released at the stroke of midnight on 1/1/11, making it the first album released in the new year.

Check out the Craigslist ad here.

The van appears with pictures of the hallmarks of hitting the big time: hot tubs, mansion interiors, extravagant dancehalls and private plane interiors. “Special Features (Battle Scars)” include: “Band sticker on the rear window covering up a bullet hole from being run out of Cincinnati by a mob of angry boyfriends.” And “Albino replacement door is from Asbury Park, New Jersey, when we raced the other bands to decide who would headline that night. We were in the lead when we saw Springsteen on the street. He gave us a thumbs‐up and our driver lost control and drove into the tilt‐a‐whirl.”

“We’re a band that always goes for the unexpected, from our music, to our live show, down to how we market ourselves,” says lead guitarist, Adam Ritchie. “You’ve got to keep moving in order to stay fresh, and in a world where certain social media platforms have become routine and expected, we’re doing a 180 and pulling a stunt on the back roads. With a new set of rules comes fun new ways of breaking them.”

The Lights Out have enjoyed an incredible year and aren’t looking back. They’ve headlined a showcase at CMJ, signed a licensing deal with MTV, were featured in an Absolut vodka commercial, and opened up Gillette Stadium for the New England Patriots’ season. They’ll soon be hitting that road again to support Primetime, touring extensively.

The Lights Out describe their sound as, “the perfect soundtrack for a bank heist.” Their breakneck, anthemic pop-rock is full of catchy choruses and melodies you’d want to hear when you jump into your getaway car. Their live performances are equally exciting. “The Lights Out put on one hell of a show,” is how Performer Magazine succinctly describes the experience. The Lights Out don’t arrive at their turn-on-a-dime tightness and complex vocal harmonies by accident. The band is hard working, recording each of their live performances and critiquing them to perfect every note.

Rishava Green (Lead vocals, Guitar), Jesse James (Drums, Vocals), Matt King (Bass, Vocals) and Adam Ritchie (Lead guitar, Vocals) formed The Lights Out in 2005 without having played a note together. They have released three EPs and one LP previously.


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