Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brian Huber “Snuggies” Up With Release Of Imagination Of Ourselves Nationally On December 14th

WASHINGTON, DC (September 20, 2010) — Brian Huber is the kind of songwriter that can take anything and make it into a compelling, funny, or heartfelt song. Take “Snuggies,” born of a Christmas gift, it’s now a synth-powered catchy ode to the “thermal revolution”. Huber’s first solo album, Imagination of Ourselves, is bubbling over with songs written from little sparks of inspiration: a one-liner at a poker game, a stray thought about being on a desert island, the beauty of Yellowstone. He didn’t twiddle his thumbs or let these ideas go. “I didn’t rely on some muse to ‘hope’ I write a song. I worked hard to write, rewrite and finalize these songs,” says Huber, who’s no stranger to hard work; he wrote, recorded, produced and arranged the album on his laptop. Imagination of Ourselves is due out December 14th.

For Brian Huber, this first album has been hard-won. He spent years in other people’s bands, gaining the confidence he had lacked when he first started his musical career as well as musical and songwriting skills and that ever-elusive ability to live in the now. He liberated ten-year-old songs and himself by taking complete ownership of the production of Imagination of Ourselves. Now he’s always on the lookout for new inspiration, "It's a matter of having your 'antenna' out and if something catches your ear, that you make a note of it,” says Huber, “I have a habit of singing melodies and song ideas into my work voicemail, which tends to be filled most of the time.”

Similar to the poppy swirl of bands like Of Montreal, Huber's music is infectiously catchy without ever dragging, and the focus always remains on themes of liberation, imagination, and most importantly, past and present relationships. His voice and sensibility is reminiscent of Ben Folds, with both the tender and funny, rendered honestly.

Imagination of Ourselves
Track Listing
1. Reverie
2. Talk Without a Word
3. Life Is a Song
4. My Cure
5. Shipwrecked Part 1
6. Shipwrecked Part 2
7. Snuggies
8. Semaphore
9. Don't Go Down to the River
10. Time Will Only Know
11. Yellowstone Lake


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