Friday, September 17, 2010

Michael J Epstein Memorial Library Rocks Out at Church in Boston

Michael Epstein certainly knows how to defy trends. There are boy/girl bands aplenty these days and there have been tons of female-fronted bands. But when was the last time you heard of a male-fronted band of nine women? Epstein’s latest project, The Michael J Epstein Memorial Library, which plays downtempo, indie folk/pop with alt-country and anti/counterfolk tinges, will bring their unique lineup and librarian fashion-sense to Boston’s Church on October 1st.

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library was formed when Epstein began recruiting band members on Facebook and Craigslist “Most are intentionally people that I didn’t previously know very well. I wanted people with fresh perspectives and few prior expectations about the operation of a band and about how the music scene and music industry works.” This unusual ensemble plays not only your standard acoustic guitar, drums and bass; but also ukulele, flute, trumpet, glockenspiel, melodica, viola, violin and more. The project was designed to be flexible, with any number of participants making up the line-up on any given occasion. “We’re just going to play some songs and have fun. The project is … flexible enough for me to play solo or small shows and also diverse enough to do bigger shows,” says Epstein.

Michael J Epstein Memorial Library

Friday, October 1st
69 Kilmarnock St, Boston, MA
Also on the bill: Highly Personal Trash, The Cinnamon Fuzz, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?
Doors: 8:00 PM
Show: 8:30 PM
Tickets: $10


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