Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Sleep-ins Conquer Time and Space with Songs About Girls & Outer Space on October 19th

ASHEVILLE, NC (September 9, 2010) —Like all great rock n roll stories, The Sleep-Ins’ really begins in a guitar store, where Chad Corley (guitar/lead vocals) came to apply for a job shortly after relocating to Australia from Indiana. Corley struck up a conversation with Stefan Pope (bass/vocals) and found that they were on the same wavelength. That wavelength — the sound that would define the Sleep-Ins — is a soaring, melodic and often thundering indie rock with a cerebral nod to the Pixies, Polvo, Shellac and The Shins. Their first full-length album, Songs About Girls & Outer Space, out on Ingot Rock, will be released October 19th.

Songs About Girls & Outer Space is both an extraterrestrial journey and an internal one. “The whole album,” says Corley, “with a sci-fi backdrop, tells a story of the formation of a relationship, its struggles and eventual loss, a kind of rehabilitation of the characters in their personal lives, a brief flirtation with reunion, and finally an acceptance of a different kind of relationship that also happens to be necessary to save mankind. But of course that happens all the time…”

The Sleep-Ins are all about DIY. All four members have audio engineering degrees, so the urge to self-record was strong and pretty easy to accomplish. They know their equipment, too. They only use tube amps, Stefan’s got a finicky MiniMoog he plays live, and the band loves the “Hot Cake” guitar pedal, designed by Paul Crowther who used to work with Split Enz and Crowded House. Ingot Rock, Corley’s record label, is another piece of the band’s DIY puzzle, putting albums out by a handful of other indie artists as well as The Sleep-Ins.

Songs About Girls & Outer Space

Track Listing
1 Silver State
2 Angelina
3 Chrome Skull Cap & Matching Codpiece
4 Running Out Here
5 Tonya, Extraplanetary Spaceship Girl
6 Desertsong
7 Astro-not
8 Bug On My Face

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