Friday, September 24, 2010

David Gergen’s Fourth Album, The Nearer It Was...The Farther It Became Closes In On January 18th

David Gergen takes acoustic indie rock places it rarely goes, especially on one record. Bending ambiance on “Seven Miles to Sunset” and “Well Wisher, throbbing electronics on “Ore De Electro,” along with bluesy slide guitar on “The Streets I’m Walking,” there’s a taste of everything on Gergen’s latest solo release, The Nearer it Was...The Farther It Became, out January 18th. His voice, though consistently deep and resonant evokes the spirits of Nick Cave, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen.

At the core of the various styles on The Nearer It Was... The Farther It Became is the chugging heart of an endearingly earnest craftsman. Through his messages and overall portrayal, Gergen realizes that life is always filled with surprises and usually, the harder you seem to stare, the further it appears. “To me the title is a paradox, a way that life can be sometimes,” says Gergen. “The closer something is can make it even harder to obtain or see clearly.” The songs paint portraits of soul-searching individuals that travel through the misty field of electronics, folk-rock and pop sensibilities by way of a gripping story.

For The Nearer It Was... The Farther It Became, as with the previous three solo albums he’s created over the last fifteen years, Gergen, did all of the work himself. His home studio, once his living room, is where he brings all of the elements together. When you have complete artistic control, “You can take it as far as you want; it’s more about restraint and to keep some air in the recording so it breathes,” says Gergen. The album does breathe, with inspiration, carefully crafted atmosphere and the hard work of an artist who doesn’t compromise his vision.

The Nearer it Was...The Farther It Became
Track Listing

1. Seven Miles To Sunset
2. Well Wisher
3. The Streets I'm Walkin'
4. It's Down Here
5. Ore De Electro
6. Love Blues #11
7. Thru A Fairy's White Cloud
8. Blues For Sale
9. The Other Side of the Sea
10. Your Letter


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