Tuesday, January 11, 2011

David Gergen to Play two Hollywood Shows this February

If the work David Gergen has done on his latest self-produced album, The Nearer it Was...The Farther It Became, is any indication of the passion and energy ready to burst out of him, then his live show will be something to behold. Audiences will have the chance to see Gergen play his genre-bending acoustic indie rock at the Viper Room’s Acoustic Lounge on February 8th and Santa Monica's The Trip Bar on February 25th.

David Gergen takes acoustic indie rock places it rarely goes, especially on one record. Bending ambience on “Seven Miles to Sunset” and “Well Wisher, throbbing electronics on “Ore De Electro,” along with bluesy slide guitar on “The Streets I’m Walking,” there’s a taste of everything on Gergen’s latest solo release, The Nearer it Was...The Farther It Became, out January 18th. The songs paint portraits of soul-searching individuals that travel through the misty field of electronics, folk-rock and pop sensibilities by way of a gripping story. His voice, though consistently deep and resonant evokes Nick Cave, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen by turns.

David Gergen
February 7th
The Viper Room Acoustic Lounge
8852 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA
Show: 9:30 PM
$10/$8 with flyer

Hollowbody LA presents David Gergen
February 20th
TRiP Bar
2101 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
Show: 8:00 PM
$7/$5 with flyer

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