Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Teardrops to Release X Is For Love April 12th

It’s all about attitude and NYC rockers, Baby Teardrops, have it in spades. Like the burst of energy that comes from colliding particles, Matthew Dunehoo (vocals, guitar), Megan Thomas (bass) and Gerry White (drums) derive their sound from clash and collision of distinct personalities. The result is full of driving, propulsive rhythm and hypnotic mantras. The collection of the trio’s exothermic synergy can be found on X is for Love, which comes out April 12th.

“I demanded a band and Gerry and Megan came down the pipe direct from God and the Devil,” says front man and songwriter, Matthew Dunehoo. In March 2010, the band reunited after fate seemed to will it so. They’re not wasting the chance either, recording X is for Love with Erik Schuiten at Yessian Music in Manhattan. Dunehoo says of the title, “It felt right. When cartoon humans and animals are depicted as dead, they have Xs over their eyes, yet ‘X’ stands for ‘KISS’ as in XOXO. X marks the spot, the heart, the g-spot, the buried treasure, the pressure point, the line to sign.” All of these elements are to be found on the album, the joyous and beautiful crashing into the difficult and painful with a collection of songs that sound like that of a grunged out New Pornographers if they met The Pixies.

Baby Teardrops’ streamlined sound allows for Dunehoo’s lyrics to stand center stage. “I like the idea of taking a simple idea, something that exists whether we care about it or not, and glorifying it,” he says. “And more than that, I love language and the magical power language possesses to cut through and open up and be foul and sexy. The possibilities are endless.” On “Banged in the Heart,” he takes the feeling of being so deeply affected that you just have to shout and translates it into the repeated phrase “banged in the heart,” a perfect description of heart-exploding emotion. This, at the core, is what Baby Teardrops is all about. "This band operates by one rule: Bang others in the heart as you would like to be banged in the heart.”

X is for Love

Track Listing

1. ME Where
2. Smooth Sailing Ahead
3. I Don’t Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go Home)
4. Flag of Inner Revolution
5. Lucky 7
6. Still Singing The Same Songs
7. Banged In The Heart
8. Let It Roll
9. Fight While You Are On The Run
10. Think It Look It Act It Become It