Monday, October 04, 2010

Music Monday-The Deli

1. How long has the Deli been operating?

Since 2004, our first print issue had Grizzly Bear on the cover.

2. What makes the Deli different from other websites?

We only cover artists locally, so if you are based in NYC you only get reveiwed/blogged about in the

NYC Deli. We are currently covering 2 scenes in print (NYC and LA) and 9 online, including Chicago,

Philly, San Francisco, Austin and New England.

3. Do you think the Deli has a specific musical niche?

Definitely: emerging indie artists and songwriters + their fans + music industry people interested in finding new


4. What contemporary albums are you looking forward to coming out?

Buke and Gass' debut full length CD.

5. How does the Deli support independent music and what is important about doing so?

Constant exposure through the local blogs, live showcases, artist of the month polls, our charts, opportunities to

play big fests like CMJ and SXSW... it's important because most bands express the best music

in their first few years of activity, and because the scenes we cover need this kind of service.

6. Do you think online publications are taking precedence over print magazine? What kind of effect

do you think that has on bands?
Probably, but I believe print is still loved by most people. But it will only survive if advertisers

believe in its effectiveness. The problem is that web advertising is way too cheap, and that's why

advertisers are cutting on the print side of things. This is great for exposure (there are so many new

blogs where a band can get a write up) but the quality of writing suffers quite a bit. So you get more

quantity and less quality.

7. What blogs/publications do you read other than your own?

I read obsessively the Time Out NY Music Listings and occasionally any blog out there. I also often go

through the listings of some local venues in search of bands I'm not aware of. Our priority is to find

new bands nobody knows about, rather than writing again about the more established ones (something that

we still do anyway).

8. What has been your most definitive moment since you started the Deli?

When Grizzly Bear played our first issue's launch party at Sin-e` - great feeling of accomplishment. Of course not that many people knew them at the time. Also seeing each issue finalized in print is always great.

9. If there is any musician/band you could interview (dead or alive) who would it be?

I'm really not that obsessed about interviewing people. I'm obsessed about finding great music. But

interviewing Syd Barret or Captain Beefheart would be an interesting experience.

10. If you could be in any band (of all time), who would you rock with?

I would love to be in The Pixies (favorite band ever) or in The Sugarcubes because I'm in love with


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