Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leopold and his Fiction's Live Shows Steal the Spotlight with Their Music and Hair!

SF Weekly made it out to see Leopold and his Fiction play Bottom of the Hill and Jasmine Blocker had this to say about the experience: The talented Leopold and His Fiction stole the Blank Tapes' thunder. The local three-piece has more energy and soul on stage than I've seen in a long time. Working double-time, the members played at least two instruments each to create a fast-paced, full sound. Lead singer Daniel James has a soulful, powerful voice that keeps your attention. His songs tell stories about growing up, women, booze, and living in a small town. He forced the crowd to come closer to the stage at the beginning of the set, and by the end he had half the room dancing.

But please take note of the "Editor's Notebook" at the end of the review: "Between Leopold and His Fiction and The Lonely H, there was a lot of fabulous hair going on. I was a bit jealous."

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