Friday, February 26, 2010

Alan Cohen Experience Concept Album Inspired by Stephen Hawking

Featured on CNN and in the UK's The Guardian, Alan Cohen Experience plans to release the upcoming full-length album, Space & Time, this summer. The concept album based on Stephen Hawking's book, "A Brief History of Time", gives a chapter-by-chapter account through each song.
Focusing on topics such as gravity, black holes, and all the poetic aspects that tie these to our understanding of the world and universe, the album, co-produced by Cohen and Tony Goddess of Papas Fritas, constitutes a mixture of upbeat 70's influenced sing-a-long power-pop wrapped around quirky wit. Space & Time blends a number of genres including rock, funk and pop while solidly rooting itself in the anti-folk movement. Guitar, keys and bass flow together seamlessly mixing a splash of blues inside the rock element, all while keeping with the theme. Cohen's different approach to music, through the juxtaposition of smart subject matter and light-hearted catchy melodies appealing to the intellectual who dares to be different.