Friday, February 04, 2011

High Five! from Gywneth & Monko

The only thing on the minds of Gwyneth & Monko these days is their first full-length album, which is due out on Feburary 15, 2011. Well, that and making sure they have enough Sudafed and NyQuil in the medicine cabinet to fight off the winter plague.

These are a few things that have hindered and aided their record making process:

1) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

2) The Sun

3) Found In Benson (Weekly Zine)

4) The Raven

5) The Song of The Robin Redbreast

To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Gwyneth & Monko