Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Baby Teardrops to Play SXSW Show at The Liberty on March 19th

South By Southwest fans, prepare for a dose of New York City rocker attitude. Baby Teardrops, full of propulsive energy, will deliver a live show that promises audiences at Austin’s The Liberty a bang in the heart. The band’s first show at SXSW will take place on March 19.

Given the energy bursting from the NYC trio, it should come as no surprise that they bring that power to the stage. “Live we are ruthless. Tight and fast and loud,” says frontman Matthew Dunehoo. “We mean a mean business. Live, we’ll hold our own up against anyone. We’ll take on Springsteen for Pete’s sake.” Audiences can expect to hear songs from their forthcoming debut album, X is For Love, which comes out April 12, as well as some new songs not yet recorded.


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